Christopher Humphrey Photography

Praise from clients

Chris was absolutely great! He was with us from the beginning, and he has a very artistic eye. He loves to shoot, so he's in it for the art and not to sell you mounds of photos.

He allows you to print the photos wherever you want, and he's very reasonable for the amount of work that he puts in. He stayed until the end of the reception, and he and his daughter took over 1400 photos! We haven't gotten them all back yet, but we're very pleased with what we've seen so far!

He was also very sensitive to the fact that we needed to move things along and get back to our guests, which we really appreciated.

I highly recommend!

     -- Sean and Andrea, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Thank you so much for all of your amazing work. We truly couldn't be happier and haven't even seen the wedding pictures. Ian and I have really enjoyed working with you and enjoyed getting to know you as well. . . . Can't wait to talk to you about the pictures. Wish we could take you with us to the Bahamas I can just picture the sunsets now!

     -- Angie and Ian, Pittsburgh, PA

My dear friend and future sister-in-law Angie ----- had you as her wedding photographer last July 31 and we think that you did such an amazing job that we would like to book you for our wedding in the future. Dan and I will be getting married next July or August . . . . We wanted to let you know that you are our number one choice for a wedding photographer and as soon as we set our date we would like to see if you are available. . . . We just wanted to let you know that we really loved your work and will be calling you soon.

     -- Sincerely, Molly & Dan

We had a quick look through the photos last night and are very impressed with your work. We found more that we wanted . . . . Just shows how many great photos you took. Can we both thank you once again for helping to make our day so special; the photos really capture the day as we remember it, and we will recommend you to any of our friends and family who need a photographer.

    -- Jason and Melanie A., Surrey, England

Crystal just shared the gallery wrap with me and it looks incredible. We are going to hang it tonight! Thanks again for doing such a wonderful job shooting our wedding. I couldn't be happier. We always recommend you to our friends/family who are engaged.

     -- Brian and Crystal, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

You are a genius. Thank you so much. The photo is just amazing. WOW. Thank you again. I look forward to the other photos.

     -- Denise, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

These shots are absolutely superb. The best pictures of me and Claudia I have ever seen. Kudos.

     -- Rob A., Montreal

I wanted to thank you also HUGELY for the wonderful photos of our engagement party for Joel and Sarah. . . . There is a particularly fabulous one of Sarah on her own. I'm going to get it printed out and frame it next to one you took of Anna for my portrait gallery! . . . Thank you so much for your artistic and wonderful work.

     -- Catherine S., Pittsburgh

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